Therapeutic Diversion includes both workbooks and zoom interaction with a counselor. 

Module 1 - Substance Abuse Prevention Education  = 9 Hours

Complete Pre-Mailed Workbooks: 

Why Am I Here

Alcohol, Drugs, Driving & You

My Personal Change Plan

Module 2 - Watch Video's = 3 Hours 

Module 3 - Review & Interview with Counselor = 1 Hour

(click on red button on top of screen)

Intervention Jessica (Heroin Addiction) (40 Minutes)
Truth About Drugs Documentary: Crystal-Meth (7 Minutes)

ATT The Last Text (8 Minutes)
15 Defensive Driving Secrets (15 Minutes)

Drugged Driving (2:34 Minutes)
How Meth Effects the Body (3 Minutes)

How Does Marijuana Effects Your Brain (18 minutes)
MADD- Lives Affected (30 Minutes)
YouTube Video - AA with Eric Clapton (25 Minutes)

13 Hour Substance Abuse Printable or Fillable Client File Forms

(Online Fill-Out: Open File, Save as your name (Last, First) then fill in all the blanks & save again.) 
Print: Download, Print, Fill out Form, then take a picture and email to

Complete attached paperwork and email back to us

Addictions Resource Center, INC



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