Program Description: This course is completed in lieu of an on site Driver Intervention Program with the court's approval. We must have a document from the court identifying that you have been approved to take this course. The course checks all the educational boxes the on site DIP provides. 

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Substance Abuse Prevention Education 

A & D Lectures 
Lesson 1 

  • Understanding Addictions (Review PPT 1)

  • Intervention- Jessica (YouTube Button)

  • Cycles & Triggers, Dual Diagnosis, Family Effects
    (Follow emailed zoom link to hear instructor at 11am)

Lesson 2 

  • Complete Workbook 1-4

  • Father Martin 85 minutes

  • How Does Marijuana Effect Your Brain (8 Minutes)

  • 5pm  Complete End of Day Review Form

Traffic Safety Course Component

Traffic Safety  
Lesson 3 

  • Video Remembering Drunk Driver Victims (4 Minutes)

  • Workbook Completion DVD video link

  • Topics: Before You Go; Essentials: On the Road; Putting It All Together; Further Analysis; Alcohol,
    Drugs, & Aggressive Driving; The OVI Law.

Lesson 4 - Legal Lecture 

  • Legal Lecture with Power Point

Lesson 5

  • Complete BMV Distracted Drving Course

  • 15 Defensive Driving Tips (8 Minutes)
    The Last Text (8 Minutes)

  • Complete Traffic Safety Test 

  • 5pm  All Done

MADD, AA, Substance Abuse Treatment, & Medications

Lesson 6 (Last One:)
 / Pharmaceuticals / AA & Tx

  • Lives Affected 

  • American Addict 

  • Zoom link to AA Speaker or YouTube Video - AA with Eric Clapton

  • Complete End of Day Review Form

Substance substance Abuse Questions & Survey

  • Complete Program Reveiw Questions and Survey

  • 2pm  All Done

Assigned Videos
(click on red button on top of screen)

Friday- Alcoholism & Addiction/ Groups

Intervention Jessica (Heroin Addiction) (40 Minutes)
Father Martin's Chalk Talk on Alcoholism (85 min -2 Sessions)

The Harms of Marijuana (8 Minutes)
Truth About Drugs Documentary: Crystal-Meth (7 Minutes)

Saturday- Traffic Safety/ OVI Law/ Impaired Driving
ATT The Last Text (8 Minutes)
15 Defensive Driving Secrets (15 Minutes)

Drugged Driving (2:34 Minutes)
Local (Cinci) 12 Investigates: Drugged Driving (6 Minutes)

How Meth Effects the Body (3 Minutes)
How Does Marijuana Effects Your Brain (18 minutes)
Driver Arrested For Trying to Snort Cocaine in Front of Cop at Traffic Stop (1:23 Minutes)
Driver high on cocaine writes off dad’s Mercedes (1:30 Minutes)

Sunday-  Pharmaceuticals/ MADD/ AA & Sober Support
American Addict -Pharmaceutical Meds (90 Minutes- 2 Sessions)
MADD- Lives Affected (30 Minutes)
YouTube Video - AA with Eric ClaptonYouTube Video (25 Minutes)